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Lord Wankdust

The Test that is currently being used was designed by Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology on Campus Charité Mitte in Berlin. He designed it on his computer without any access to the Wuhan Virus. He modelled it on a decade old Corona Test (for Common Colds and yearly Flu). He sent it over to China to see if it would show a positive for Covid-19 Wuhan Flu in March or April 2020. Guess what? It did show a positive result for Covid-19. It also shows a positive for every other fucking form of Corona Virus we’ve ever had (well there are only four main ones anyway!).

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is NOW THE standard coronavirus test, and it is the VERY one Prof. Drosten had the Chinese check to see if it tested positive to their virus (which it did… but it also tests positive for old Cold and Flu viruses as well as eggs, chicken wings, petrol and candy). The PCR tests being used around the world which show this “Second Wave” simply checks if the person being tested has any remnants of corona virus in their mucus membrane or mouth. It does not and cannot detect a living virus. A virus which has infected someone (and would make them contagious) is in their living cells and causes flu/ cold symptoms which we ALL know about.

The results of a PCR testee who tests positive with the PCR test does NOT show them to be infected with anything or even capable of transmitting anything. It simply shows fragmentary sections of old dead Corona-type infections which might have been lying in one’s mucus membrane for months or being secreted from a body cell. The person who tests positive might never even have had so much as a cold (their Immune Sustem might well have completely beaten it off!). It simply shows that the person being tested has had exposure to a Cold or Flu at some point in the past and the test shows their DNA/ RNA reaction to it
The human body’s immune system remembers every single virus we have ever had in our lifetime. That is the manner in which it knows how to react to “this year’s cold” or the “seasonal flu” and fight it off. Our body’s remember everything.

We should NEVER forget what has been done to Humanity this year.

The Rothschild Test in your link isn’t really a Test. It is a copyright claim lodged for a function for a mobile phone app to send oxygen levels and temperature reading via a mobile phone to some central collection software. It isn’t a “test” as such. More a means of assimilating data transmitted by phones or mass testing apps.