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I believe the background story is this: The News9 station sympathises with BLM so they went to agitate the Right wing protesters. The Loud guy in the Black Guns Matter shirt is an agitator. His Black GUNS Matter shirt is from a RIGHT wing rally and he is meant to blend in with the crowd then start trouble. In your video, there is a man in a white shirt behind noisy BLM shirt guy as a backup. Kelter is in a floppy camo hat and has a can of mace in his hand. He reacts to BLM guy and the “old white man” with the tan hat comes between the two. But near the end Kelter walks off camera to the right, probably because Dolloff said something to him. That’s when Kelter knocks Dolloff’s hat off and gets shot. The city of Denver said later that they do not have anyone named ‘Dolloff” registered as a security agent, which he must do to be legal. So the news crew brought him along as protection from the Right wing protesters. The news crew stirred up a confrontation deliberately and recorded it with a video cameraman and a woman who took still pictures. At the end of the stills, you can see the news producer surrender on the ground next to the gunman.
The gunman will claim self defense but he didn’t have to aim for the head or even shoot him. He’s charged with murder.