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Are there any real men left in the US? Lol Every shooter i have seen there for as long as i can remember is a “trembler” of some sort. Weak,unstable ,stupid. All from Michigan Gov would -be kidnappers ,to this honeyselling pimply guy to the columbine shooters to Rittenhouse to the Spanish jew Who killed the black guy walking around the enclose housing estate to the Somali minneapolis cop who killed the Aus woman. All incels and fuckwits .

You guys need guns over there to protect yourselves from the loonies out and about amongst you.

Good to see Pinkertons ,like all good multinational protected -species ,distance itself from the shooter through all manner of excuses like employing him through a contractor.Way to go with transparency and checks and balances in a first- world democracy .

Rapid race to the bottom for the US. You will look like shithole meso and SouthAmwrica soon if you don’t find someone with balls and brains to rule your country. Your candidates at present are shit!