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@hopingfornemesis You really have had a horrific time of late with covid lockdown 🙁 Northern Ireland is going into a 4 week ‘circuit breaker’ from Friday, the first region of the UK to do so, hurrah for us. Schools closing, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons closing. For the first time though, I feel like public opinion is swaying against it. People aren’t scared anymore.

I was talking to my nail girl today who is again going to be forced to forego a month’s wages and she was saying she can see a lot of places opening back up and risking a fine. The fine will probably be less than what they stand to lose in business. Civil disobedience is in the air!

Glad to hear you’re well enough in yourself. Get out into that sun when it comes around! The dark nights are closing in fast here and there’s already a nip in the air.