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I go into 7-11 and just standing there behind 3 people . 0f course nowadays that puts me near back of store. Nothing is happening when finally chick walks in front and walks into office when this dude emerges that can barely walk and gets behind register. Stood there all that time waiting on inebriated reject. I now get 12 feet from counter where I finally spot slips. They have no Powerball ones ! So I took couple Mega Millions slips and walked out oh and I also stole pencil. A pencil with bite marks 🙁

So I was going to fill out slip and return the pencil, you know karma but I may as well hang on to it for next store. Oh and no idea on how to even fill this out. I will play Mega as well since I have slip and will need those winnings to pay taxes on tonights win 🙂
Anyhow I cant believe black people know how to fill this out. Very complicated. Stay tuned