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Because my earlier post is not available.

“So here’s a summary for anyone coming into the thread that doesn’t want to wade through a copious amount of shill scat…

– Video in the OP has a Chinese guy talking about 3 hard drives that were delivered to Pelosi, DOJ and maybe some other corrupt politicians in the US. One of the drives he said was full of dirt on Hunter Biden. He said this about 3 weeks ago (see video) and the details have come to pass exactly as he said. Includes specific details such as the 10 million deal Hunter got from China.

– The other drives have details of dirty deals between ChiComs and corrupt US pols/biz leaders. They supposedly sent the drives as a message to do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump. A sort of ‘we go down, you go down’ blackmail play.

– Also supposedly on the drives are details about a bio-weapons action of some sort that is probably related to covid-19. Looks like an intentional attack and the Dems were in on it.

– The ChiComs have basically been holding a gun to the head of corrupt Dems and Repubs and forcing them to act on their behalf. This works because the corrupt fat cats in the US gave them the bullets and loaded the gun when they accepted their money in exchange for political control of the US.

– By giving the drives to Pelosi et al they not only sent a msg but also put them in a position that forced them to cover it all up, making them fully complicit in the crimes.

– It might have worked except Trump somehow got a copy of everything and now they’re fucked.

– Every corrupt politician and biz leader will probably face serious consequences as it will be way too large to sweep under the rug. The dirt goes back for decades and has been a major influence on every citizens rights.

– The DNC and CCP will be wiped from the face of the earth by the time the dust settles as this is World War level shit.

– Ignore the attempts to sidetrack, pages of talk about whether a single photo is legit (it is btw) is meaningless in the totality of what is going down now.”

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