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Empty soul

There are two forms of anti-white Gnat, white on white and non-white vs white and the former is still very much an aggressive attack strategy created by the latter because this type of brainwashing was designed to function as a Trojan Horse.

As pointed out in the video it is only the white countries that are expected to open their doors to all, on closer examination though one can see that it is only the richer white countries that have this game played against them. No one asks this of Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia etc, only western Europe and Canada/America.

The African/Arab immigrants themselves refuse to stay in eastern Europe and demand to be allowed to go to western Europe as we see so often in footage of border based migrant camps waiting and fighting to get into Germany etc.

It is in the above then that we can see the anti-white position for what it is, an attempt by those of actual/perceived lesser beginnings to insert themselves into that which they believe to be better.

The nigger male believes himself to be inferior to the white man and therefore wishes to become the white man and that is why they force themselves upon the white countries and why they almost always seek out white women to date and procreate with rather than stay with their own kind. If they were truly anti-white they would not be attracted to white women, they would not seek out white women to date and procreate with, in fact they wouldn’t even want to live in white countries just as someone living in a white country who hates niggers would never want to live in a black one.

What they are then is anti-white male because the white man is the direct competition for the position they wish to assume.

If China were to become just like western Europe these niggers would be screaming anti-Chinese statements whilst camped at China’s front door. They would also seek out Chinese women to date and procreate with rather than stay with their own kind and there would be brainwashed Chinese people taking up their cause as well.

The anti-white argument only exists then because there exists easily accessible rich white countries and a high demand to become a member of one. Equally then liberal anti-white idiots only exist because they have been brainwashed into becoming tools by those who wish to exploit those easily accessible rich white countries because it is actually an insane position to hold for a white person to be anti-white given just how much poverty, suffering and unemployment there is amongst whites themselves within their own countries.

To answer the question then, how to confront white people with an anti-white mindset?.

You hit them with facts and morality all at the same time. You show them that ’white privilege” doesn’t exist by pointing out the inequalities within white society in which rich people of all colour live good lives whereas white people without money are victims just like everyone else and that anti-white positioning in this regard only serves to further impoverish and hurt white victims because it disguises their suffering under a blanket of hate.

If they then try to argue that majority populations cannot be victims touch upon the poor people of India, China etc.

In effect then you convince them that they are guilty of racism, holding stereotypes and turning a blind eye to suffering. In other words you play them at their own fucking game because they may be able to ignore other peoples arguments and points of view but they can’t ignore their own because it would render that argument useless and they would never be able to use it effectively ever again.