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Empty soul

@ladybug lady

“I dislike blacks because of what I learned by living with them, not because I was brought up to hate them“.

The above is exactly where I stand as well, my parents never taught me to be racist but because I have had so many bad experiences with blacks I became racist due to those life experiences.

I never go about looking for trouble in my day to day life and treat everyone the same way regardless of their race because there is little point in endangering ones own life by getting personally hostile with complete strangers. Still, it always seems to be blacks who are the aggressors in the hostile situations I come across.

Personally, I have no problem with different races at all. I like Asians, Indians so on and so forth, even Arabs can be alright so long as they are not the religious fanatic type but I just cannot find any reason to like blacks because for every one black person who can behave and control themselves there are just too many more who cannot and I am not going to put my personal safety, nor that of my family in jeopardy by playing with odds like that.

I do not feel any remorse about my feelings towards blacks because not even blacks like blacks otherwise they wouldn’t keep killing each other all the time and they wouldn’t keep trying to breed themselves out by breeding with white people all the time.

There was a census done in America a few years back which showed that 70% of all black women were single, coupled with the interracial dating statistics which showed that black men almost exclusively go after white women it paints a clear picture in that blacks do not like, nor are they attracted to each other. It is my opinion then that my hatred of black people is dwarfed by their own hatred of themselves and thus my opinion of them, albeit somewhat perversely, is justifiable.