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The job application idea might be the most fulfilling and remunerative idea I’ve heard! I’ve got an alarm system, security cameras outside (which have been destroyed 3x) and a huge Staffordshire Terrier named Clemente. But alas, he is my baby and sole life-mate for the past 9 years…I could never purposely put him in harms way.

This brings me to the guns.

The day after someone tried busting my window while I was at home, I went to AA&Arms and said, “give me something that won’t miss”. I left with a Mossberg 500 Persuader, and later purchased a S&W M&P Shield for carrying purposes around the neighborhood and very much enjoy shooting at the range. Anyway…

Here lies the problem… Its a row home in the city. No property fences. My property (and landowner rights) end about 3 feet from my front door. Most of the damage is done from across the street with rocks, sling shots, night sticks, and my favorite….bricks. Which means that I can only shoot someone if he’s standing in my front door….or I shoot him across the street and drag his skinny monkey but into my living room, smoke a j, take some video, and maybe call the cops. Or let Clemente eat him.

I thank you all for your input. In the coming weeks…I will either have ample material for your viewing pleasure (in the form of unintelligible nigger parts strewn rampant up and down my street) or I will, in fact, be the viewing pleasure…beaten to death by a bunch of 16 year olds and most likely…with my tits out.