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tas tiger

Who the hell told her that story? She must have been told to say that story before we all know it’s not fucken possible, people might have believed it 60-70 yrs ago? But we know that it’s simply not possible for that to have happened?
1. you cannot remember your life when you are 2
2. you cannot survive having a nail as thick as your finger hammered through your brain
3. someone (a Jew) needs to give her a better story to sell, this one doesn’t work in our ‘enlightened’ world
4. she was picked out for ‘torture’ but she survived?
5. these are war ‘stories’ that parents tell their children so they don’t misbehave
6. she is not doing the holocaust ‘story’ any favours by spouting blatant rubbish
7. the Jews need to get better ‘spokespersons’ than this, nobody could believe this story if they gave it a good thought

Actually I might have repeated myself a bit, but I hope I made myself clear? Clearer than a nail through the head anyway.