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ya seems like a discussion that needs to be hashed out IMO.

The the fact of the matter is (at least from what I understand from {Amber and Acnesk} that is) is this.

Acneska is saying in simple terms for those that want to have it dumb down (and no thats not sexist I have problems figuring out what some of the tech news I read is trying to say): Business want cash so they will cut the people that aren’t worth the money they are payed.

For example men on “average” work more hours and take less vacations than woman do. is that true for all no its not but that’s the average that has been reproduced over and over again.
I’m going to switch brain gears to my reviewer side of my brain for a moment then I will get to Ambers post in a second.

As a reviewer my time is money I want to produce as many high quality reviews I can without burning my self out the problem is I don’t have anyone to help so I do the recording and editing my self.

with that said, IF I has a team to help with my reviews I would want people who pull their weight and then some to help build on what I have done so far. Gender wise I don’t care get it done and done right. I don’t want some half assed editing work I want it done professionally on time or ahead of time.

If that means I have more males on my staff Great if its more females Great I DON’T CARE. Time is money the more clicks and views I get the better.

now for Amber: she may or may not be saying that men are more violent and woman need more of a foot hold in jobs dominated by men.
The fact of the matter is that woman can be just as if not more violent than men(and they get away with it).

As for more females in male jobs well they have the choice in careers to choose what they want to do. They can choose to do stem cell classes, Construction, etc. But most don’t choose that path of career. Its not that they don’t have the option.

Now as for my addition to this reply Quit the bitching if you have a brain use it and do some research of your own. Girls are smart but some don’t seem to use those brains cells enough and end up getting on my nerves trying to play the stupid card. Business is cold and heartless that’s a fact.

If I had 100,000 employees in my business and I found out that 100 were woman who were causing trouble with male employees and it was found that the females were starting it they would be laid off in a heart beat. I wouldn’t care that they were female or not they start shit they are out its that simple they would be charged with any crimes they committed against the employees and fined 4,000$ for being an ass hole to fellow workers.

If it was the males that was the problem the same shit would go down laid off and a 4,000$ fine.

That’s business you are costing me money and I expect there to be compensation for it. That’s 400,000 I have now been compensated from the 100 individuals that were causing a problem and all that cash goes back into the pockets of not only me but the business and the people who were getting bugged.

treat people with respect and you get respect back you act like an idiot you are treated like one.