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This post will not be big in the way of gore but this is a condition that has always fascinated me. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva known as ‘Stone Man Syndrome’ Is a rare disorder that causes soft connective tissue to basically turn into bone. This process starts generally in children under the age of 10 with a life expectency of about 40 if the disorder is caught early and managed very well. The bone growth usually will start in the neck and work it’s way downwards eventually ending at the feet. Can you imagine your tendons, ligaments, and muscles all slowly turning into bone till you can no longer walk, move your arms, or eventually even eat on your own? I could get into all the nerdy details of the disorder but I think I’ll post a few pictures and leave you to your imaginations 😉 as always I’ll be happy to answer any questions I’m able to.
most famous 'stoneman'

young child with FOP