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Depends on who I interact with personally I have 3 types that I have in my life as far as who I talk to (all within the last month or so.)

the first is my uncle who is a religious bigot…. not to go into detail but he thinks that just cause ISIS is following the extremist side of Muslim teachings that they need to have a tracker on them.

the 2nd is my aunt (cant really say) anyway she thinks my uncle is a bigot even though she is religious as well and that he pastor is doing his teachings correct but that my uncle is only saying his views not the teachings that the “lord” said.

the 3rd is my grampa who really doesn’t care either way. But doesn’t like my uncle cause all he spouts is religious politics.


honestly my uncle is a idiot who is probably the biggest bigot I know in my family when it comes to views. IF he wants all Muslims to have trackers I say ship every ass hole to north Korea and let kimmy over their deal with them.

My aunt actually has reason even in her belief even though she follows the same religion.

My grampa is the same way. But as far as I know he isn’t religious.

IMO if there is a man upstairs then he is one confusing nut job but who can blame that the dudes got over 7 billion people to deal with and some of us aren’t actually sane.

either way I’m semi on the fence at this point.