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Whenever and wherever religion is the pillar of society people suffer. Period. Doesn’t matter which religious beliefs are the pillar. As far as the idea of religion goes it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I was raised southern baptist and I have not met a more hypocritical, SELF RIGHTIOUS,delusional bunch of people,that are completely in denial about the wrong they do,in my life. I’m not a religious person, nor am I going to say that the possibility of intelligent design isn’t possible. I’m not stupid and I’m definitely not going to base my own beliefs off of any man made religious text. To rule out the possibility that there’s nothing at all, in my opinion, is extremely easy to do considering our evolution and knowledge. However, there are so many things that we just have no way of knowing. We, as a species, have only within the last few decades begun to understand that there are many, many more dimensions to our world/universe than the 4 we know and can see. So I can’t say with absolute certainty that there isn’t something else. Even Einstein spoke of God and he was pretty smart. That being said I won’t say yes or no because I don’t have a clue as to what happens when this life is over. Maybe our consciousness,as we know it, fades away into nothing or maybe the electrical impulses that make up our consciousness is freed of the body and is able to experience more dimensions than we can presently experience. Either way I can’t say that believing in something is bad unless the said fundamental core beliefs are used to control, manipulate, hurt or for personal gain (monetary or otherwise).