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amber i can just tell from your face that youve lived an easy life. there is no hardship in your eyes whatsoever, but thats the female life you lead. your almost saying men cause their own violence? its what made our species survive so long .. every war that every man has ever fought has led to were we are today, war is the life blood of the universe. war is what nature wants to see who she wants. women need to show appreciation because without men you would have perished a long long time ago. men built the civilizations you now today scoff at and piss on with your feminism. all feminists need knocking the fuck out female or not. every feminist that is alive today just desecrates the graves of all the dead men that have fought for century after century while at the same time mollycoddling you little whores because thats our instinct unfortunately. you really have rode in on the back of all that we created in the last 20/30 years with your whiney bullshit and you are so disrespectful. id love it if ALL men turned on women and gave you a REAL war , the war you so insist on having with us. one day our patience will run out and you will be slaughtered in your thousands. take heed not all men care about women and one day you all might find yourself in seriuos trouble .. but who will you run to then ? ?