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What I mean is I have high intelligence. However I don’t have any need to have power over other people. That’s the difference between women and men. Since (many/most?) men are insecure and weak, they’ll do anything to show their strength and to gain power… to make them feel less shitty about them selves. I don’t need that. I don’t need to prove anything. Real strength is not about muscles. I don’t have to put other people down, I don’t need to hurt or use people to feel strong.

And since I live in a civilized country I will use my brain making the world a better/less shitty place without taking advantage of people. I don’t want to fuck everything that moves. Even if I could fuck all day I would not. You judge me for not being ashamed of my sexuality. You’re shaming me just because I am a women. And that’s a little pathetic because I am sure of that you all wish you could fuck whomever you want whenever you want. Don’t judge me when you for sure would be the biggest male-sluts ever if you could. If you think the only power I have is my pussy, why do you feel the need to harass me?

It’s not physical strength that makes a man dangerous. It’s the mind. And I advice you… do not play with fire because it will burn you.