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Hey @jack. Sounds like that’s a permanent boner jack. Especially with the all caps thing. Does it ever get soft or does it just remain a boner? And, does it communicate with you too, relating gratitude messages to your mind somehow and for you then to pass on its messages or feelings to others? I imagine your situation is somewhat like when I stub my big toe on my right foot. It relays to my mind something like, ‘fucking piece of shit table’, etc. and then I cuss the table out for getting in the way.
I don’t have a permanent boner, and when it is satisfied, it just kinda goes back to sleepy land, feeling satisfied, but without really saying anything to my mind. It’s my whole body and all that feel the gratitude and relaxation after, when it goes back to sleepy land. I would hate to have a boner always talking to me. ; )