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I think people always deserves respect as long as they’re not douchebags. It is strange if you treat people bad because you don’t like what they are wearing. That makes you an idiot.

I’m not a douchebag and that’s why I treat everyone I meet with respect as long as they treat me with respect. Treating people bad for no reason is just weird and doesn’t do any good for anyone.

But then there is difference between how we act in general and how we act in the bedroom. Yes I am a masochist, I am also a sadist. I am switch. I like to give pain and I like to get pain in sexual situations. That does not mean that I like abusing and hurting people in general. I’m very kind-hearted. It doesn’t either mean that I like being abused or hurt in general. If you are into bdsm this is very simple to understand. Trust and respect between sub and dom is very important. Of course it’s a bit strange, but it’s not that uncommon. And about rapeplay. It’s not about actual rape. It is a play. A game. In bdsm the sub WANTS the CHOSEN dom to “hurt” her/him. The pain = pleasure.
I don’t want to be raped for real, of course.