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Lol I don’t know what that is xD.
And yes I prefer edibles myself.. but I’m not trying to kill my brain calls so I only do it sometimes.

And I’m probably single because most 18 year old boys, Want ass and tits, minus the baby I have. I cant go on a date a guy, because I’d have to take her with me. What I need is a man lol like an older man. Someone who actually needs a wife to clean and stuff. No teenage boy wants that.. they have their mom. But it’s okay. I’ll find me an experianced man who can hit it right.. teenage boys are pitiful. I just need to find an old guy (not like 80 old haha) more 30 or 40 that would actually date an 18 year old with a kid1. Id like to be a little house wife. It’s about the only thing I can do 🙂

And no I don’t have a cat. It died 🙁