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Bat Shit Crazy

Girl….you’re AWESOME! I do cross country rescues sometimes, when no other wolf rescues step up. I remember rescuing 14 year old Faden from Vegas, ran out of weed, so a friend in Arizona hooked me up. I rolled one up and took three puffs when I turned the bend and found my self at a border checkpoint in el paso……..omg lol, I’m such a blond. The dog smelled it asap and they searched my car…ect. I had two wolves with me I just rescued. Long story short. They told me they appreciate what I’m doing, and advised me to go on my way and throw my coffee away at the next exit. They threw all my weed and papers in my coffee cup and let me go….oh, That is after I accidently flashed them , thinking I had more weed stuffed in my bra (I forgot I already took it out) lmao. I was so blond, I even asked why the check point was there in the first place…..uh duh……Mexico was across the street.
That’s a blond for you, smokin a joint while pulling up to a border patrol checkpoint. in my defence, I thought it was a truck weigh station. Anyways….about Texas, I remember that was the first time the 14 year old wolf even seen grass 🙂