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That sure is one well developed vagina and quite an impressive looking example of a ‘rosebud’ asshole. Mark Marek would be very impressed with the spectacular development of this vagina, I’m sure. It surely isn’t ‘just’ an extension of an ass crack, as he would say. It is certainly something he could chew on and wrap his mind around.

Concerning the asshole, in this case, Mark would have to admit that the vagina is definitely an extension of the asshole and not ‘an extension of the ass crack’. What a wondrous example of a well developed asshole this is. The saying “one in the stink and two In the pink” takes on a whole new classification… In this case, “a fist in the pink and ‘something else’ in the stink” is the case here. The asshole confuses me and the vagina makes me remember the dreams I’ve had of being sucked into and falling into an endless void, never to return again.