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I haven’t finished the series 🙁 Like you, I’m going to wait for the show to end. I don’t think Bran will warg any dragons, but I’m 100% convinced Tyrion is a Targ. The Mad King did screw Tywin’s wife before Tyrion was born. It would explain the dwarfism and not being eaten by giant winged serpents lol.

The books and show are two totally different monsters now. I actually really like that so now no one can really spoil anything for anyone else. Like we knew Jon was getting “for the watch’d” a long time ago lol.

But I have read the Dunk and Egg series 3 times, the Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince. The Dunk and Egg books are amazing, definitely get your hands on A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms @re-pete It takes place before A Game of Thrones so it won’t spoil much. The Princess and the Queen had a TON of epic dragon fights in it so I’d recommend that too. Youtube has the audio books 🙂