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Trump COULD be one huge ruse, but what does the man have to gain from that? He’s already made enemies with a lot of folks this election, and if he reneged on his main campaign promises, he would be hated by the remaining folks that actually support him. That isn’t good for his family name, his brand, or his businesses. He really has nothing to gain being POTUS, but a lot to lose. Do I expect him to fulfill all of his campaign promises? I’d be naive to expect that, but I do expect him to build the wall(most Trump supporters’ #1 priority)as well as stem the hemorrhaging from our anemic economy. When it comes to managing money, I don’t see anyone this election who would be better than a businessman like Trump. The way he’s managed to run a successful presidential run on a shoestring budget is quite amazing, and the way I see it is an indication of what he’d be able to do with our economy. People have stated that running businesses isn’t anything like running a government, but I’m not sure I buy that. Having the skill to save and manage large amounts of money seems like a huge bonus. When it comes to him walking back some of his stances I won’t lie, that worries me. But I think he knows that he will need to pull a lot of blue collar democrats in order to win the general seeing as how he’s made enemies with many minorities over some of his statements(even though the statements are true). Most of those things are small potatoes when looking at the big picture, though. We’re talking abortion/transgenders/torture/etc…I mean, while I’ve been a conservative my whole voting life, these things just don’t mean as much to me right now considering we’re 19 trillion in debt, have illegals and drugs flowing across our border, and ISIS breathing down our necks. Is the guy perfect? Hell no, but he’s 100 times better than Hillary. I mean, Trump may be BSing on some of this, but I know exactly what Hillary is and I don’t want any part of that.