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Lol, you’re sending a djinn? your name is “Hitler”. Isn’t a djinn part of Arabian and Muslim mythology? Can you not just pick one crazy ass religion! Gosh Hitler.. please do your research before you talk you talk to me.. You keep makeing yourself look stupid im starting to wonder if that is your intentions Hahahaha. I’ll let you know when I become possesed. On another note. How am I esoteric? I’m not the one spreading bullshit, shape shifting my ass!.. are you also one of the bumbasses that thinks the world is flat? Now that is an example of esoteric. And you are all knowing and timeless? I though you said you were just the messenger.. that would make more sense.. mailmen don’t need to know accurate vocabulary. Perfect career for you.

Btw you can take down your little welcome wagon.. you are nothing. You are not shit Hitler. I think you should be put into a psychiatric hospital. And this is far from “your world”. What an idiot..