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Deviant 76

How can it be a short cut when your doing good? The USCG does a lot for the aid and benefit of people. Who do people call for help during boating accidents or natural disasters? We tend buoys in the oceans, rivers and lakes. We go on search and rescue missions when boats sinks, are disabled or some drunk dipshit falls off a cruise ship whether they’re American or not. Are first responders to aid in clean up efforts during oil spills from a rig or sunken ship. Rescue people that are stranded during floods. Intercept and destroy drugs coming from South/central America on the ocean. Break ice on lakes and the Arctic/Antarctic to help supply ships to restock scientific stations before winter or to allow passage for fishermen and to help reduce the risk of flooding during the spring thaw. USCG is in the business of saving lives, not taking them.