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@meline65 Hi. We never finished our discussion about the subject you’re studying. Also, send us a pic of you on your avi.

If you do go through with what you say, you would be depriving me and many others the chance of getting to know you and maybe becoming friends. Also, I really hate to see people who die young, for whatever reason. One bug worth you have that I know of is that you may be able to help others who, like you, are considering suicide. You would be able to relate to the depths of despair and depression and perhaps help someone out of the hole you’re in now.

If I had one bit advice that might help you, it would be to get out of yourself and go do something you’ve never done before, like taking a trip to somewhere far away and unfamiliar, like to a snow covered mountain all by yourself, or the middle of nowhere, where you don’t have to be anything to anyone for awhile. Just you.

You are my friend here on BG. So, hope things work out for you. Maybe we can meet someday. Come say hi to me in California and I’ll show you the sights.