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A few weeks ago, had the pleasure to wake up to this 🙂 They also threw a brick at my cable box on the side of the house, taking the cable and internet out for about a month. How I slept through this, I do not know.

Apparently, the 7-11 delivery man saw these kids bricking our cars. He tried to take video footage, but they threw rocks at him, and when he didn’t stop, fired shots at him hitting striking him in the shoulder. Nothing hit the news, not even the poor 7-11 guy being shot. Local police and news are very sorry but they are “very busy with other violent crimes, such as fatal shootings”.

ALL of these fatal shootings in my neighborhood and I have managed to capture ZERO material to contribute. Not even the delivery man, who is literally…right across the street. I am sorry Best Gore community, I have failed you 🙁