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Ok well im glad your not trying to act like there wasnt any discrimination (i would rather have an inteligent debate verses a redundant argument) and yes gypsies have a reputation as thieves, but why was hitler removing hungarians prior to the soviet advancements then? Also i did not wach the video, (i dont have a large attention span for movies and tv shows, so i often miss the point) but im assuming it talks about zycloneB and the gas chambers. I still took the time to read key points made about the gas. The blueing affect and its slow release. Well if it was used for things like fumigations and known to dye things blue, why would people use it in their houses and buildings if it turned their stuff blue?? Also i do believe it had a slow release but if its beeing pumped in to a room full of people (who are probaly panicking) odds are they would use up all of the oxygen rapidly dieng of asphyxciaton (i know i probaly misspelled that) they probly died from the lack of breathable air before the gas killed them, hence not beeing able to find traces in the body. Also in order for the gas to leave a long lasting imprint on the room it would have to stay in the room for hours on end. Just opening the door long enough to remove the bodies would air out all of the gas. I also believe there was a part about the “fake,” chimeny. Lots of theese camps were taken apart and many buildings destroyed before people tried to preserve them for historical reasons. The nazis could of easily bricked it up before leaving to use as a form of denial. And if they were so innocent why did many, many, mazis flee and go in to hiding?? I was aware of the jessy owens part, and i dont blame him. As a black man in america, he was screwed. Hitler made germany a beuatiful place after the depression. Also if hitler removed jews from the economy to remove corruption, how did a minority (wich no longer has economic power) threatn the economy by boycotting german goods?? That doesnt make a lot of sense to me. By removing them in the first place wouldnt that of had a major impact alone?? How did a small group threatn it by simply boycotting goods??