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Believe you’ve been on Agora or Silk road 😉 governments globally have been doing their very best to shut those down, and succeeded, multiple times. Only to see the site pop back up a month later, multiple times lmao. Their efforts are proven futile. I’m not updated in the subject but I believe the founder (Ross Ulbricht?) got arrested and the site has had a few site administratives since (current one a Swedish guy I believe). But they switch a lot to deter investigators, so they all share limited risks.

Anyhow, Silk and Agora are usually the first thing newcomers to the deeper web encounter. Most stop there. As they should, I wouldn’t for my life, wish for anyone I care about, to dig deeper, lol.. The “Saw” movies are comedies in comparison and I’m not exaggerating.

Thanks for for the documentary tip! I am interested 🙂 I’ll look it up when I got the time. In case I can’t find it; Do you have any sources for the video?