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Pit Viper

I’m not sure what you’d want to be considered “shocking” or “gruesome” about the deepweb. Pretty much everything you can find on Bestgore you can find there. Never seen a red room. To be honest I’m sure if you really wanted to look for it you could try to find child pornography, but I’m sure you aren’t that fucked in the head. The deep web isn’t that much of a sensation. I’d chalk it up to buying illegal guns and drugs pretty much. There is a wealth of information on the deep web too that you might not be able to access anywhere else. Books and literature on WW2, military tactical books ect. Maybe or maybe not illegal. Choice is yours.

Oh, and about Daisy’s Destruction, I’m pretty sure those people have never really seen it. What happened to the poor little girl was disgusting but she was allegedly just strangled in the video after her rape and molestation. There is a small documentary about it, and where they even found her body in a crawl space. (Playing a John Wayne Gacy that Scully was.) Any sources of that video are probably so rare anyone who has it won’t dare to share it or have been immediately pulled by the authorities. You probably won’t ever get a chance to see it.