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Raving Mad Pigeon

I’m 18 too and just as fucking lost. I left school last year and worked at a farm for a bit. I kind of hated home because my parents can be overbearing. The moment I moved out to study at uni was a mistake >< . I just hated the course…I hung in there for 6 months and then left, and now I’m just sitting in my chair all day eating nothing and doing nothing. I mean I still do housework but I just feel like shit all day. A lot of the time I’m up past midnight, and that’s when I want to go out in the park or do something productive. I get hungry as fuck and although I have the food I simultaneously don’t want to eat it. I get angry at little things, and scared of public places. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.

Personally I don’t blame you for acting as you did. Some people are just fucktards at the wrong time. Some people can’t sympathize either. And males not being able to vent their emotions is a load of bullshit from some bullshit artist long buried in time by now.