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Raving Mad Pigeon

I was only meters away from being crushed by a tree burning at the stump. I have pretty good reflexes so I managed to avoid getting squished.

I used to be really shit at swimming. Like a moron I went down a little rock dip on an old inflated tire, fell down the middle and was trapped underwater for a few panicky seconds. Things got a bit starry and my lungs were burning, but I was lucky that the water wasn’t too deep. Somehow managed to get up for air.

I was helping my dad at the banana farm one day, and tripped while holding a cane knife. Lucky I regained footing (reflexes to thank again). Would have been nasty since I had the back of the blade resting on my shoulder.

I survived a cyclone, back in 2011. I live a few clicks from where the eye hit, so we bore the brunt of it. An aluminum structure (no idea what it’s called) used to sit near the farm fuel bowsers. It’s designed to be a kind of cover for the back of my Dad’s ute. This is all down a hill, mind you, and we live up on it. During the cyclone, it managed to fly up the hill, magically missed the house and went tumbling down into the creek through the cane paddock. It’s still there to this day since it would take a tractor to lift it out. That same night, I was terrified with all the wind and banging of windows and doors, so I decided to hole up in the guest room. Lucky I did, because the glass exploded later that night, and I sleep a meter from the window. Also fortunate that my Dad shut the room door since we later holed up in the hall, which is a few meters from said bedroom.

I almost stood on a snake once. I literally had my leg ready to step on its face. It was at night and I couldn’t sleep and I was bored. I had no torch and I have no idea whether it was venomous or not.

I played with snakes at one point as a child. My mum saw it, got my dad over and apparently they were lethal. Good thing that the snakes weren’t feeling grouchy that day.

I picked up a cone shell as a child. Apparently they can be lethal…I was scolded by my grandma.

I don’t believe in angels or anything. I do however believe in common sense and reflexes, and pure chance.