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@bubbaman, not sure what part of the story is more sad, your injuries or the totaled screamin chicken (no offense lol)

Anyways i got a couple storys, for some reason im like totoaly ubsessed with water (but i almost never drink it) ever since i was born i was around water so there are about a handful of times where i have been close to drowning. The most recent was when i was swimming in the gulf after a tropical storm. The next day the waves were huuuggeee, so obviously my first idea is to swim 20 yards or so out with the surfers and swam the waves they were surfing. Several times that day i went underwater and had no idea if i was going to live. I learned the real meaning of riptide and undertoe haha.

One of my good friends who actualy saved me from drowning stoped me from falling off a cliff to my death. Slipped running downhill and started tumbling. He caught me as my face was staring at about a 100ft drop into some rocks and trees.

Ive had some close run ins with good ol mother nature. I live in an area that had a nucense bear problem. I used to chase them out of my area on foot lol. There was that time when i got imbetween moma and her panicking cub. She popped up over the fence in front of me and started clicking her jaw/grunting. (What a bear does when its pissed and gettn ready to attack) had several run ins later on with her and the cub. (The cub is now grown up) same place i had a run in with a large rogue male in my backyard. (Beeing stoned didnt help at the time lol) tried chasing him out untill he turned around, started walking twards me, then started clicking/growling. Walked right back into my house then he got mad and ripped up my fence. Swam on the beach with sharks that one time…. also got in gator infested waters once or twice….. a couple times ive gotten way to close to poisonus snakes (rattlers, cottonmouths, copperheads)

Shit the other day i was driving through bama and my buddy almost pulled out of the median until i started shoutn n swearin. (I was in the passenger seat of his p.o.s. stang) If he puleld out i would have been directly hit by a large red suv doing about 70mph….. would have made for a great bg post though!! 😀

Im pretty sure ive had a gun or two oointed at me also…..