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Hey, i cant say i sttuggled with addiction, but i guess you could say drugs are part of my daily life. I firmly believe that almost every drug was made by the goverment in part of its many plans to keep the masses under control while steeling our money. I could go on ranting about my conspiracy but helping you us much more important 😉 (well at least trying to help)

One word: MARIJUANA 🙂 most addicts i know recovered with the help of this 100% organic from the earth plant. But as firm a believer i am, i live in reality and can safley say that it is not for everyone. It helps some, has no affect on others.

I believe it will help you because you used opietes and not uppers like meth or coke. Pot doesnt affect your sex life (but has been known to improve it for some) and you will still have the ability to go throughout your day clear headed. Another benifit is that it will set your hormones right. One of the great pleasures in life is kickin back, grabing your toking device (weather your a roller or a bowler) and enjoying some BG!! Ive seen weed help many many people, some close to me others are just strangers whom i will never meet again. Give it a try, buy a couple grams of sticky, some papers and/or a pipe, get toasted and see if it helps!

But it might not. Everyone is different. Ive also met people whom pot had little to no affect on what ails them.