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The human brain has a very small section just devoted to religion. This section of the brain is only active when having some sort of religiouse experience like praying. I believe that humans evolved to have this for a reason. But i also believe that a key to human evolution is the ability to decieve and manipulate. We as a species are as advanced as we are today because some smart guy rounded up a group of people whom he got to do his bidding for him. I truly believe that in the begining religion was virgin and pure. But all it took was one person who realised how easy this belief in god was to manipulate. One day when everyone was praying to the giant tree in the woods he closed his eyes, collapsed, then portrayed “gods new will.” It conviently made him a wealthy king. Now thousands of years later thanks to this simple manipulation created by evolution we have nations like china, russia, and almost every europian country. They have survived socialy unique, racialy different, physicaly different, all because some smart guy rounded up the locals to do his bidding. And like a parasite he linked on to a vital organ (religion aka the opiete of the masses) and created a symbiotic relationship. Do his bidding and survive as a race or disband and kill eachother off in primal crude tribal wars. This part of they brain has been key to human survival and evolution. It does not surprise me that it may also be part of our demise. Religion, a cruel hypocracy, that drugs the masses, aids the rich, advances evolution, thins the heard, and in a cruel ironic twist takes away everything it gives.