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oooh shit and i forgot to speak about my passions, i really and i mean Really love music mostly music from south american continent. Viti Ruiz, Willie Gonzalez, Alvaro Ricardo etc etc… When im down or just want to relax i mostly listen Gato Barbieri, Jose Feliciano, Carlos Santana, Thin Lizzy (im still in love with you), OV Wright, Frank Sinatra (i only like “My Way”), and when im really depressed The Eagles somehow always cheer me up, then i dim the lights down maybe drink something light for instance a white chilean wine, light on some candles and then just fix a nice big spliff and then just turn on the eagles and it makes me come down to earth.

And my second passion is making photographs i just started with online lessons in being a photographer. But its very hard and very expensive for now im working with a Canon D series with a zoom lens and macro lens. Im looking forward in getting more high quality equipment later on but for now im just a “student” so have to do it with the basic things 😀