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Emily Rangel

Oh my god, Methlusa, you sound EXACTLY like me. Not only was that the most perfectly well thought out answer ever, and satisfied my needs precisely, but I could relate to it so much. My whole fascination with untimely deaths also started when I was a little girl, with the Jonbenet Ramsey case. I, too, remember the first time I set eyes on her. I was in a book store with my mother and I was about 8 years old. She was reading a magazine with a big picture of Jonbenet wearing a white feathery outfit on the cover. I pointed and said, “That’s a pretty little girl!”, to which my mother replied, “Yes, she was.” WAS. Was not anymore. In that moment, the fragility of life became apparent for the first time and I was suddenly fascinated. I don’t remember how I got more information, but it became an obsession. For the entire year of 3rd grade, I was totally obsessed with the case. I remember getting in trouble with my teacher because I found a way to put JonBenet in every assignment. I drew pictures of her everywhere and made a “pet rock” that I named Ramsey Rock, and I glued blue googley eyes and curly blonde doll hair to it. My teacher got fed up when I did that and said, “That little girl has been through enough.” My memories of childhood are mostly very vague or gone, but you mentioning JonBenet made those memories come flooding back. I remember reading that the last thing she had to eat before she died was pineapple. The whole idea that they cut into her dead body and into her stomach fascinated me. The “it could have been me” thought passed through my head so many times. I haven’t ever seen a real dead body like you have, or ever almost been a victim (AWESOME and intriguing story, by the way), but I feel the same as you do. A lot of my addiction to seeing these horrible pictures and videos has to do with the fear of death, and the curiosity of, “oooh, so thats what happens to a human body when you do such and such to it.”
Speaking of which, this is random, but have you seen that video on goregrish of a young asian woman in her underwear completely vaccuum sealed in some kind of plastic futon compressor? The video lasts about 6 minutes and is from start to finish from her being vaccum sealed in, to the moment her body finally stops convulsing for air and is dead. For some reason this was one of the extremely disturbing videos that hit me somewhere in my core, and made me almost want to cry. For some reason I watched it like 3 times in a row, and felt that I was actually torturing myself by watching, but couldnt look away. Theres another one called “puppy crush” or “puppy crunch” that I dont even have to describe, but its about 20 minutes long and that one did actually make me cry. But, of course, I watched it twice.