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Good read, like how well thought out this was but i can very easily poke holes through this logic. The main impression i got is a humongouse sense of entittlement. You make the white race sound like a spoiled 16year old girl.

You say that all races whom arnt white all have white genocide in mind when this is just simply not true in any shape or form. Every race is similar thant in we all have that humanly instinct to be number 1. Why do you think muslims always kill eachother? Because they all consider themselves a different race under the same faith. There is a reason that china and japan have been mortal enemys for thousands of years. You are looking at the picture too broadly, you are looing at it it well “black n white.” When truth be told every group in its own is fighting for survival. Immigrants from african countries often experience racial segregation in black communities heer in america. Im white but even i have experienced it in germany in white communitys. It doesnt take much to create a divide in an otherwise solid group. Look at korea. Its been 50-60 years but already people in the north speak their own unique dialect and are coulturaly becoming different from the south. Despite beeing united as the hermit kingdom for thousands of years.

I grew up not seeing race. I dont see people as white, black, latin, whatever. Why? Because i just dont fucking care. We are all in it to survive. You cant argue survival of the white race because we are not united as a hole. Even in a country like ours whites in the south are very different from the ones up north n back west. Just how people in California think people in New jersey are totaly different. In ireland the divide is between protistants and catholics. In the middle east its tribes. Africa? Warlords. The white race was is so devided that in a fight amongst ourselves, we live in peace through assured mutual destruction.

Humans are made up of many races all of whom claim supremacy. Everyone thinks they are better then you, as you do think about them. Evryone wants to be top dog. You are to busy fighting for a cause, a group, that simply does not exist. I mean yes there are white people but we will never be united as a hole. Same for all the niggers, chinos, n chinks. You want to see survival of the white race, when this makes absolute 100% sense (you should want the survival of people that share similaritys not mention this group includes your friends and family) but you fighting the wrong enemy. Race is not your enemy. Your enemy is the immediate person trying to do you harm. Sure one day it could be a 6ft black man with a gun or a raghead with a bomb. But more often it will be a man with the same skin as you but he is wearing a blue uniform or an expensive suit.

The “fight between races,” is hollywood hoarse shit that some rich people want you to believe because divided we are weaker. Divided we will fall. The media presses race for proffit, politicians do it for their ajenda, advertisements do it for money, jihadists for a cause. They want you to think you are part of a group thats billions strong who is fighting to aurvive as the dark forces of evil are trying to wipe you into extinction. When the real truth is, they are using you. Using you and many other good people in many different ways. People that should be your brother, your kin, your race, see you as nothing more then a pawn in their personal game of chess. A rich man in the brotherhood would just as easily sell his fallowers, as easily as mohamid kills his. The need to survive as a group is even stronger in the individual, but the will to survive as an individual? Thats what makes us human. So whem i say fuck race, i mean it. Fuck every cracker, nigger, chink, chino, and sand rat. I got mine. Thats all im worried about.