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Well places like Germany and France experience so much immegration not because its the burden they carry racialy but because its a burden they cary politicaly. France was and is giving goverment asylum to known terrorists. Germany it was more of a public immage (all of that “progressive” non sense) if it was a racial burden then countries like latvia, estonia, n lithuania would be sharing a similar immegrant problem. The teuth is they are just shity cold countries whose infastructure and lack of a large muslim community don appeal to refugees and migrants.

As for the middle east, well its the fucking middle east. Theres a problem for every grain of sand. Refugees are from that region. They avoid going to places like the emmerites because they wont be able to escape their problems there. And chinas communist goverment mught as well be a giant wall. Not to mention its further out of the way and even harder to get to. Europe is experiencing this influx because they welcomed muslims prior and made it a more convienent place to migrate to. Much like a cockroach infestation. If you let one in and shrug, it wont be long before all of his buddys arrive.

I dont expect anyone country, race, or persons to bare the burdan of humanity. For every cause there is a effect. Or as my mother would tell me “what goes around, comes around.” Right now its europe in crises but who knows? Maybe in a 100 years it will be the japanese invasion of australia. The burdon will be on somebody elses shoulders. Thats just life.