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Empty soul


“Well places like Germany and France experience so much immegration not because its the burden they carry racialy but because its a burden they cary politicaly”.

Nonsense, the vast majority of these countries do not want mass uncontrolled immigration; it is forced upon them by their unanswerable political/financial elite. It is not a burden they carry politically because ignoring the majority population is anti-democratic and therefore not political in the slightest.

To force upon a group that which they do not want cannot be anything but discrimination and that discrimination cannot ever not be racial in nature because the people being asked to bear it are a distinct group, both historically and culturally.

“I dont expect anyone country, race, or persons to bare the burdan of humanity. For every cause there is a effect. Or as my mother would tell me “what goes around, comes around.”.

Indeed, in fact another Hitler character will be elected soon enough and the far right will rise once again and many lives will be lost all because a few select countries were being made to bare the burden of humanity. Cause and effect.

Perhaps if the anti-racists were in fact less racist themselves much of this hatred and violence could be avoided.