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Because you can. I’ve used/abused my genitals in almost every way I could think of, just to see what happens. I’ve had girlfriends and wives who’ve nailed my scrotum to a board, embroidered designs on it, and even run it through the sewing machine a few times. It’s a really large scrotum with lots of skin, so it’s inviting to do stuff like that to it.

BTW: We believe that if you have a large scrotum and decide to run it through the sewing machine, you need to take the precaution of using a zig-zag stitch pattern. Straight line stitches have an effect of cutting leather (and living skin). So using the zig-zag greatly reduces the cutting effect. But yeah, you get lots of holes run through the front and back of your bag in just seconds! And the fun part is, she sits at the sewing machine controlling the speed of the machine, and she pulls your bag through. Fun. Releases LOTS of endorphines!