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Getting traced not so much, if you have tor than and vpn you should be good there. Tor allows you to remain annonymous, however if you log into fb, they will know who you are, if youre hidding from the government or something lol they just wont know where you are. Its very easy to get someones IP and look it up to find the location, that might be different for a cell phone, I dont know. But thats why you need tor. Although, given enough motivation, you can be traced, its impossible to be % annonymous out there. Now if you’re selling a shit ton if cp, then (besides going to hell) you have a better chance they are paying attention and will probably find you haha, the feds that is. It just depends on who you’re dealing with, and what youre doing on there, dont give someone a reason to be all noesy. I was mainly talking about viruses though, thats why I say the majority of it is just random junk. if you’re just looking around then you need to be careful of viruses. Lots of viruses haha.

What are you trying to do on there anyway if you dont mind me asking?