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Actually @Brandi you have a point, this conversation isn’t to be made public,i think both of us know why.
I would like to say that i admire your skill in scamming,and i’m for it if your victim is a perdo/criminal….But I don’t really care about who else is caught up in it,just do your thing .
As for what i have seen this can go on for a while so i’ll make it as simple as possible(i won’t be diving too deep,on a public forum).
As you may know , certain communities offer video packs in exchange of a small fee,you may find all kinds of shit,the most common one is ‘Rape footage’,you download around 1~2Gb worth of rape footage,gang rape,torture and “cannibalism”,from children as young as 5~6 to elderly,you may stumble upon crucial pieces linked to lawsuits(evidence ).
to be honest i can go on but you already know the kind of stuff i’m gonna say,i indicated it earlier.and to make one thing perfectly clear , i find it boring, unbelievably boring,there is no sort of entertainment for me there ,but what i find most interesting is underground groups, kinda like cicada3301(look it up),and i’m not talking about the famous fraternities or cult groups,i’m talking about stuff you find in CIA documents.I guess that’s why i isolate myself from everyone,there are all about the same shit, getting drunk,getting high, getting laid, worrying about education, family, taking a shit and repeat,boring x), it got to the point to where i decided to free fall, anyhow i don’t know i’m saying this….perhaps i would to meet some entertaining interesting people:)