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Well thanks I admire your skill of code cracking haha. I think it is very interesting. Once I found a page and it had a little stanza and said something like. “One, two, three down the whole. If A is 1, B is 2, E is 5 and Z is 26. Then some weird stuff and it had the word Cipher in there or something (im really sorry I dont remember fully) either way it was really cool to think of all the hidden things one can find in random pages. I also agree, most of the deepweb is boring, I dont know how many times I came across “Dark Scandals” haha, I refuse to download anything like that.. one guy started chattimg with me and he said he was apart of.some weird governmant shit. He sent me a link and disappeared, although I never clicked it, I dont trust people like that haha. I wonder what the CIA and other parts of the governnment have to hid.