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how can i put this. uhm right .. youve seen hostel films? i had a neighbour from ukraine years ago and we was chatting about the films and he then told me about his cousin who went missing after she was insulted somebody on a similar site. but the thing is thousands of these beautiful women go missing across europe but they keep it under wraps as much as possible. when the family poked around they were sent a symbol through the post and this symbol just meant if you carry on there will be real trouble. and once you get this symbol you may aswel consider it case closed not even the most skilled of detectives will bother. there are alot of rich people out there who are sick and this neighbour was telling me there might have been a slim chance of her cousin turning up alive but only becuase shes not petite and blonde. i said what you mean ? he said ‘my friend .. the number 1 girl they want is always small and blonde’ i said damn, he then showed me an old pic her hair was dark reddish (looked dyed) but had a nice smile and decent figure. the poor guy then looked to the side and i saw tears in his eyes so i know something bad happened to her, real fucking bad. i felt uncomfortable after that and wished id never mentioned the hostel films and just wanted to leave. so you pretty girls on sites like this (and especially with some of the argumentative sides you have) you should take more caution thats all im saying. ive noticed most of you are from america anyway so maybe your safe, maybe your not, why risk it though. and some of you younger ones damn ! chatting away about your towns and where you are going and what festivals you go to etc and then plastering your faces and half naked bodies .. think more first about the types these places can attract ! peace out gorian’s i know some of you think i am a cunt and its true i can be but im not all bad and this site will be wrapping up soon i think so just giving you a heads up before some of you venture into the deep