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Well okay then.
A childs first 6-7 years “should” be quite peaceful and not too much stuff should be going on.
I moved to my 4th home when I was 7.

My 3rd home were both good and bad. The foster parents didn’t know how to do their “job” properly and it was a chaos, even I didn’t know back then. I was only 5/6 y.o at that time
I used to have these thoughts of finding them and simply break their skulls because they were complete asshats, but I still got some pretty neat memories from there. Good and evil fighting.
Most likely I feels like it never happend in my life, yet I know its all true. I has just been so long since.

Dreams I had i my sleep back then is still very clear and I often think of them.

It is like I’m working on a huge puzzle and I can’t find all the pieces.
I’m a broken man.

Life is what you make it