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Dude… Seriously don’t even watch Elfen Lied, Corpse Party, or any of that dumbass moe shit. If you wan’t some manly Gore with a good story like Berserk or Shigurui then go back in time with stuff like Genocyber or Devilman. I’d also recommend Gantz for your everyday dosage of titties, sex, and gore. (Watch in English, its fucking hilarious) Angel cop is okay so check it out. Now, for a really good story, but minor gore I’d recommend Psycho Pass. If you just want to watch something totally fucked up and insane then Midori Shoujo Tsubaki is it. Now, question, if you haven’t read the Berserk, or Shigurui manga yet, DO IT NOW!! They’re awesome. Other manga recommendation is Ichi The Killer manga, by far my favorite manga of all time, it’s totally fucked up and sickening. Filled with decapitation, penile abuse, torture, and gang violence, with some beaten whores here and there. Its the ultimate S v M manga!!