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Kyle Butler

Hey Emily !

Well to answer your question, i came here because i started to observe that i didn’t feel absolutely anything when someone either that i know or don’t is dead or hurt. It doesn’t even make me feel uncomfortable, i just feel…nothing. So i came here to see if the things i wasn’t sensitive to were just not violent enough to make me sad, or if i really can’t feel empathy. Well it appeared that neither these videos bother me, on the contrary, i feel satisfied while watching these videos, they calm something in my mind, something i never knew how to calm before discovering this website, as you may have seen i recently joined the community, because i just felt normal in here, people make me laugh, and i’m not obligated to fake emotions about anything. People here are awesome, really, I see a part of myself in them. Well that’s it, good to have you with us Emily. 🙂