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I’m a little disappointed in the direction this thread took. For those sincerely interested in both the benefits and vile material the deep-web offers, I recommend logging off BG and begin some serious research into Tor and VPN networks. You will need a full understanding of both before you even search for your first .onion directory if you don’t want nosy ISP’s poking around.
Secondly, no, no one is going to “teach you how to hack”. Programming, coding, system penetration and network security take years to master. It’s not the button-clicking it was in the ’90s.
Thirdly, if you are looking for gore without the willingness to put the time in to learning Bitcoin and identity removal, stick to BG. It’s an awesome site that serves its purpose in spades.
This thread offers some valuable tips, but gaining secure access to some of the sites these users are requesting takes a considerable amount of work (snuff, Russian and Irish mob, face-to-face contact with hitmen and pornographers for contact work and the dreaded CP word). Yes, they can be bought and sold, but commission work isn’t as easy as signing into Tor and answering an add.
For newbies, I recommend the 2015 documentary “Deep Web” to get your feet wet. It’s floating around and an easy video to find. If you can’t find it on the clear-net based on my giving you the title and year, you’re going to have a very difficult time on the deep-web.