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Hey Ranya,

Born in northern lands, but now based in the south – Essex/Hertfordshire. Yourself? (just read through the thread and noticed you are Greek – I’m not too long back from the north/Pindos mountains, beautiful region!)

Surprisingly, not a lot so far. I was fairly squeamish as a youngster, but have definitely become desensitized over the years. Now I’ve come to realise there isn’t too much which actually makes me feel anything more than morbid curiosity. Once you get through your first BG page, I don’t think there’s much which is capable of provoking shock or repulsion! Its amazing how many ways people manage to die though!

I’ve started browsing on Tor recently, a little. I’d definitely read up on protocol though; there are plenty of dos/donts guides which would be useful, especially if you are not tech-savvy.

What has been your favourite BG article?